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Above Ground Storage Tanks

Big Holding water storage systems offer significant advantages over competitors, not to mention “traditional” systems that require dozens of smaller containers. Our water storage tanks are compliant with API-650 engineering standards and can be incorporated into almost any operation site. We offer sizes ranging from 710m3 (4,400bbl) to 9,136m3 (57,000 bbl) and with a minimum of transportation and set up time. All our tanks can be moved on a standard flatbed truck and set up within one working day.

BHS has substantial installation experience.  We provide recommended site preparation standards and have developed a unique installation procedure. Under BHS guidance, our bolted tank can be installed quickly which saves you money.

What’s more, our water storage tanks are insulated against the elements, to protect you from freezing issues, and can even be netted to make them safe for use around wildlife. Big Holding also offers affordable purchase options that allow you to save vs. expensive leasing costs.