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Structural Steel Fabrication

BHS is committed to ensuring that its products and services comply with the highest safety and environmental standards.

Tanks eliminate the need for environmental disturbance caused by excavation of large water containment pits or traditional earth ponds.   There is minimal site preparation and remediation following disassembly of the water tank.

The capacity of our large tank system enables us to reduce the amount of smaller containers needed for conventional tank farms thereby reducing our carbon footprint through elimination of dozens of semi-truck loads and pilot vehicles.

BHS proprietary floating insulated covers dramatically reduces fluid heating costs in Winter and greatly reduce water evaporization losses in hot climates. Our floating covers have proven to remain in place in the windiest of environments, a unique feature amongst our competitors.

In addition, we offer a re-usable netted tank cover to aid in protecting birds and other wildlife from entering the tanks or damaging lines.

BHS provides external safety ladders and platforms for safe inspection of the tanks.  As an option, we can also provide an internal ladder that can allow inspection, if required.