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Flexible Design

Adhering to the guiding principles of well-engineered design, quality control, safety, reliability and longevity, BHS has created an outstanding, industry-leading product. We employ a simple bolted joint connector system to connect the panels.  Each of these 12 foot high curved steel wall panels is serialized for material and manufacturing traceability. Each panel is built with 2 inch rigid insulation equals R13 factor to maximize insulation to eliminate freezing and reduce heating costs.

We have developed a form fitting one-piece “Bucket Style Liner” custom made for individual tank sizes.  These polyethylene conductive liners are electronically tested for flaws.  BHS has deployed more of these conductive lines than anyone else in Industry.

We also offer a unique, safe, economical and reusable insulated tank cover system (R5 factor).  This floating tank cover dramatically reduces heating costs and evaporation rates.  In addition, we offer a netted cover to aid in protecting birds and other wildlife from entering the tanks.

Key Design Features

BH 1500 Model – 148 Foot Diameter