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Easy Move and Setup

BHS Tanks are convenient to transport and have a very simple procedure for setup.

Our tank building system can be transported to location using 1 – 3 standard flatbed trucks eliminating the logistics and expense to transport dozens of smaller water containers.   Our 12 foot segmented panels also allow transport of the tank without the need for pilot vehicles.

BHS has engineered a unique and structurally competent cradle system that minimizes the handling of panels and the time on location for the flatbed truck.

After initial site preparation, a well-equipped and experienced crew can install even our largest tank in one day allowing our clients immediate implementation of the system.  To enable a quick and easy assembly, BHS has  developed a simple bolted joint connector system, coupled with a custom-made liner for your tank and liner retention clips.

By offering menu driven options, our clients can further reduce their implementation costs. We provide detailed installation manuals allowing our clients the flexibility of assembly and disassembly using their own site personnel, or we can provide onsite installation supervision and training upon request.  BHS is striving to meet the most stringent quality and safety standards within the industry and is continually improving the design based on valuable client feedback.